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Become a foodora courier

  • Choose a city where you want to deliver. 🌍️
  • Then select the vehicle for delivering. You can use own scooter, motorbike, bicycle and own car. Vehicle types can be switched each shift. 🛵 🚲️ 🚗
  • You can cooperate with foodora directly as a freelancer and earn more money, have freedom and all tips and bonuses. 🤑

Create your profile

Enjoy your freedome!

Choose time slots from the app and plan your ride according to your time. You can choose the current time slot and start start delivering immediately whenever you want.

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Tips? They are all yours!

You keep the cash tips straight away. If a pay card is used, you get them in a single payment.

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What will you get?

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Earnings up to CZK 80 000 per month or CZK 1 000 as a bike rider during lunch.

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Flexible working hours. You decide when you want to work.

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Reward for referring a friend. 2 000 CZK for you and your friend as well! 3 000 CZ for both in Prague, Brno, České Budějovice Karlovy Vary, Olomouc, Tábor, Ústí nad Labem and Znojmo.

What you need:

  • Mobile phone with data.
  • Be communicative and reliable.
  • Work permit for the Czech Republic.
  • At least 18 years of age. Even multiple times :)

What our riders say:

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Adam Novák

It has always been difficult for me to combine work and university studies. At foodora, I have the option of flexible shift planning and thanks to that I can devote myself to my studies without any restrictions.

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Lukáš Novotný

At work for foodora I enjoy the freedom and the opportunity to make my living. I'm the boss of my time, I can play my favorite radio while enjoying the work. In addition, I really enjoy driving and I also get to know the streets and places that I have not known before.

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